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Since most college students are 18 years or older, their parent is no longer legally able to make decisions or review records of that student without the correct documentation and measures in place. A college student of legal age is capable and responsible for making their own medical, financial, and legal decisions. When a college student goes off to school, their parents may want to handle some financial transactions for the college student, have access to a college student's health care information, or make medical decisions. Not only is a parent not able to have access to a student's credit card statements, bank account, or student records, they are also not allowed to view their child's medical information or make healthcare decisions should their child become incapacitated or ill.


Engaging a lawyer to draft and review legal documents as a student prepares for college is essential for ensuring a seamless and protected transition. From establishing a power of attorney to handle financial matters, crafting a healthcare directive to make medical decisions, these legal documents safeguard the student's interests and outline their wishes clearly. By enlisting legal support, students and their families can embark on this new chapter with the confidence that their rights and well-being are meticulously safeguarded. We can help you prepare legal documents to protect your college student. These documents may include:

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Medical Power of Attorney

For college students, a medical power of attorney is a vital legal tool. This document grants a trusted individual the authority to make healthcare decisions on their behalf if they become incapacitated or unable to communicate their wishes. Given the potential for unforeseen medical situations, having a medical power of attorney ensures that medical treatments and choices align with their preferences. College students can designate a parent, guardian, or another responsible person as their agent, providing both peace of mind and a clear plan for medical decision-making during their academic journey. This legal document bridges the gap between student autonomy and necessary decision-making, offering both reassurance and a practical solution during challenging times. 


Consulting with legal professionals familiar with Illinois laws can help ensure that the document accurately represents the student's intentions and adheres to the state's legal requirements. 

Durable Power of Attorney

A durable power of attorney is a crucial consideration for college students. This legal document grants a designated person the authority to manage financial and legal matters on their behalf, even if they become incapacitated. For college students who may be far from home, having a durable power of attorney ensures that someone they trust can handle financial transactions, sign documents, and manage other essential affairs if the need arises. Whether it's dealing with bank accounts, leases, or other legal obligations, a durable power of attorney can provide invaluable support and ensure continuity in managing important matters. In unforeseen circumstances such as accidents or health issues, having a durable power of attorney ensures that bills can be paid, contracts can be managed, and essential affairs can be handled without unnecessary disruption.


Executing a durable power of attorney is a responsible step that empowers students to safeguard their interests and maintain stability even when unexpected challenges arise. Seeking legal guidance to create this document ensures that it aligns with Illinois laws and effectively safeguards the student's interests during their college journey. 

FERPA Release

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 is a federal law that protects the privacy of students' educations records. A FERPA release is vital for college students as it enables educational institutions to share their academic and personal information with designated individuals, such as parents or guardians. While college signifies a step towards independence, there are instances where students may want their families to be informed about their progress or involved in decision-making. By signing a FERPA release, students grant permission for the release of specific information, striking balance between their autonomy and maintaining open communication with their support network. This document ensures that crucial academic and personal matters can be discussed, enhancing collaboration and facilitating a smoother college experience for all parties involved.

We craft FERPA Release documents that empower you to control the disclosure of your student's educational records. Whether it's granting specific access to parents, guardians, or mentors, our meticulous attention to legal details ensures your student's academic privacy remains intact while fostering collaboration where needed. 

HIPAA Authorization

HIPAA is a federal law that requires the creation of national standards to protect sensitive patient health information from being disclosed. College students should consider a HIPAA Authorization to allow their healthcare providers to share their medical information with designated individuals, like parents or guardians. While college life encourages independence, health emergencies can arise where involving loved ones becomes crucial. By signing a HIPAA Authorization, students grant consent for healthcare professionals to disclose relevant medical decision-making if needed. This authorization ensures a balance between personal privacy and effective communication, ultimately enhancing the quality of care and support during potentially challenging situations. 

Understanding the intricate framework of healthcare privacy can be daunting, which is where our expert attorneys step in. We specialize in crafting tailored HIPAA Authorization documents, granting your student control over who can access their medical information. 



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